Welcome to the support page for the networking of Discover batteries with LYNK accessories.  This video series will teach you how to install and connect Discover Lithium batteries in a network and when and how to use LYNK Gateway devices and LYNK ACCESS Software.  To program communication protocols, download battery logs and diagnostic reports, and install new firmware using LYNK Gateway devices, you will need LYNK ACCESS Software.

How to Network LYNK Accessories with Lithium PROFESSIONAL and Lithium HELIOS ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM (ESS)


This step-by-step walkthrough will explain how to network the LYNK II and LYNK LITE Gateways with LITHIUM PROFESSIONAL and HELIOS ESS. You will learn:

  • What accessories and cables are needed
  • How to connect and network the LYNK II and LYNK Lite with the batteries
  • When Discover Lithium batteries should be networked to communicate with other components like inverters and chargers

How to Install LYNK Access Software and Connect a LYNK Gateway Device to Your Computer and Batteries


This step-by-step walkthrough will teach you how to install LYNK ACCESS software and connect a LYNK Gateway device to your computer and batteries. You will learn:

  • What networking accessories and cables are required
  • When a LYNK Gateway device is needed
  • Where to download LYNK ACCESS software
  • Which LYNK Gateway products are compatible with LYNK ACCESS

How to Update Discover Lithium Battery Firmware Using a LYNK Gateway Device


This video will explain how to update Discover Lithium battery firmware using a LYNK Gateway device. You will learn:

  • Where to download the firmware file
  • How to update Discover lithium battery firmware using LYNK ACCESS
  • How to check if the battery firmware has updated correctly
  • Best practices for updating multiple batteries

How to Download Data Logs with LYNK ACCESS


Watch this video to learn how to download a data log from a Discover Lithium battery using LYNK ACCESS Software. You will learn:

  • How the LYNK Access works with a Discover Lithium battery
  • Best practices to apply when using the battery data log information

How to Download a Battery Diagnostic Report with LYNK ACCESS Software


This troubleshooting video will show you how to download the battery diagnostic report using LYNK ACCESS software. You will learn:

  • How to make sure your LYNK Gateway device and Discover Lithium batteries are properly connected and communicating
  • How to generate a diagnostic report
  • When a diagnostic report will be needed

How to Update LYNK Gateway Device Firmware


This video will teach you how to update LYNK Gateway device firmware to ensure you have the latest version. You will learn:

  • Where to find the firmware file for the update
  • How to update the firmware on a LYNK Gateway device