Installing Dashboard and Connecting to Your Battery

Troubleshooting and Gotchas

If you have more than 1 battery, try to connect to them individually. If you cannot connect to any battery it is likely a computer problem. Review steps below.

  1. File > Preferences > Connection > 12/42, 14/44 USB only
  2. Help > Service Center > Setup > Update Drivers
  3. Double check your USB mini cable for data pins (as shown in video)


Checking and Updating Battery Firmware

  1. Check for the latest version of Battery Firmware here: 

    1. AES 42-48-6650 FW 3.8.0
    2. AES 44-48-3000 FW 3.8.0
    3. AES 44-24-2800 FW 3.8.0
  2. Ensure you have the latest version of Dashboard installed and that you can connect to the battery. 

    1. AES Dashboard Installer
  3. NOTE: The battery will reject a firmware update if there is current flowing in or out of the battery. Ensure that there is no charge or discharge current, or disconnect the battery cables to be certain.


  1. Reinstall the boot loader drivers: Help > Service Center > Setup > Update Drivers
  2. Double check that the battery is in Boot Mode
  3. Force the battery to exit Boot Mode, or
  4. Retry the firmware update


Downloading Battery Data Logs With Dashboard

  • The data log naming convention is: DYYYY_MM*
  • Note that large data logs may take a few minutes to download

*If the file name doesn't follow this formatting (DYYYY_MM) or the dates are in the future or far past, follow the update your system time video.


How to Update Your System Time

Watch the video for simple instructions.


Contact Our Customer Support Team

*Ticket name and description only required if you have been provided one from our customer service team for a previous firmware service request.